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Recording Arizona's Archery Big Game Trophies bowhunting in arizona
The BIA Record Book Committee, a 501c3 Non-Profit organization, proudly accepts the responsibility to establish and preserve the permanent record of Arizona's Archery Trophy big game animals!
 Program News & Updates May 18, 2018: April 1, 2018: Last night's dual banquet, the Bowhunting in Arizona Record Book Committee & the Arizona Bowhunters Association, was awesome! A ton of folks came out to enjoy seeing some awesome animals, awards, raffles, auctions, great food and most importantly...each other. There were old friends catching up with each other and new acquaintances becoming fast friends. Truly, a wonderful night for the archery families of Arizona! Along with the all the awards, there were some very special ones given out as well. The Hall of Fame admitted two worthy candidates, Dick Tone & Randy Ulmer. Thank you guys for your many years of contributing to the advancement of bowhunting, "above and beyond" the expectations of our bowhunting community. Congratulations! Terry Edwards (left picture below) received the Kofa Award, the most coveted award an Arizona bowhunter can receive! Not just a new state record, but a state record that stands head and shoulders above the other big ones! Robin Bechtol (middle picture below) was awarded the Cochise Award as he was recognized as a bowhunter who has become skillful in hunting a variety of species and has collected seven of the sixteen animals eligible for the BIA program. Mark Ovitt (right picture below) was presented the Kaibab Award which represents a lifetime of dedication to the pursuit of trophy class animals with bow and arrow in Arizona. He is the first to receive this highly regarded award for the second time! Congratulations to these 5 outstanding bowhunters and to all the Biennial Award winners! The Biennial Award was established to recognize the highest scoring trophies, of each species eligible for the program, taken during a subsequent two year period.
The BIA Record Book Committee encourages anyone who hunts in Arizona to: be in complete compliance with the game laws of Arizona endlessly pursue ethical behavior while hunting persistently follow the rules of fair chase improve their skills, abilities, and knowledge of the game animals they seek ensure their behavior sets an example for our future generations!
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